Rotary punching, 3D

  • Design of a rotary punch
  • Close-up picture of the punching process

Rotary punching machines, packaging industry

  • Stand-alone production unit for caps with positioning hole punching for the packaging machine

Rotary punch KRS with embossing unit

  • Production of cable ducts
  • Punching and embossing

Rotary punches, KRS

  • Manufacturing tile guide rails

BRS rotary punch with spools

  • Manufacturing filters made of aluminium at 100 m/min
  • Stand-alone production unit

BRE rotary punch plug-in unit integrated in the profiling system

  • Integrated rotary punching for mounting rails
  • Production speed of 100 m/min

BRS rotary punch with profiling system

  • Duo rotary punching unit with quick-change magazines
  • Mounting profiles manufactured at 60 m/min

Baust rotary punches

  • An overview of the different applications and machines