Baust Mechanical Engineering and Plant Technology

Punching technology, material flow systems, rollers and automation for a great variety of industries

Baust - the company is synonymous with quality, experience and thought given constantly to development in modern mechanical engineering and plant technology. Products from the Baust Group are used in the greatest variety of industry sectors where they optimise the production processes of a company immensely. Thanks to the four subdivisions - Baust-Stanztechnologie, Baust-Materialflusssysteme, Baust-Rollen und Baust-Automation - the company, which is based in Langenfeld (between Düsseldorf and Cologne), provides high-quality products for a great variety of areas.

Printing Industry and Metal Industry

The printing industry is a very individual field. Efficient punching technology in the form of punches and dies is required in this industry sector. However, perfectly harmonised material flow systems are extremely important in order to convey continuous materials such as paper.

Sheet metal punches, stainless steel punches, copper punches: The punching machines from Baust deliver optimum results in the metal industry. Metal can be embossed exactly as requested by the customer through the rotary punching solutions that have been adapted to that operation.

Plastic Industry and Automotives

Punching plastic - no problem at all with Baust Stanztechnologie. We supply the plastic industry with individual punching technology to shape the production process more effectively. Plastic, polystyrene, polypropylene and PVC can be processed with our rotary punches.

In the automotives sector or alternatively the automobile industry, we optimise the process management of subcontractor parts, products or services through our outstanding material flow systems.

Chemical Industry and Pharmaceutical Industry

High-performance material flow systems are especially important in the chemical industry. That is where conveyor and transport systems have to fulfil high quality standards, because the chemical goods being conveyed have to be brought reliably to the desired destination.

However, pallet exchangers and other material flow systems are also used in the pharmaceutical industry. Safety requirements also have to be fulfilled here so that the products that are produced are not damaged. The Baust Group has the right products for this. 

Food Industry and Mechanical Engineering Industry

Optimum protection against contamination must be guaranteed in the food industry. The material flow systems developed by Baust have been adapted specifically to these high quality standards and meet the strict requirements optimally.

The products are also very effective in the mechanical engineering industry for optimum warehouse and logistics management. Machine elements and spare parts can be placed at the desired location through our materials handling.

Baust: We deliver efficient machine technology and plant technology

Every product from the four companies in the Baust Group meets the specific requirements of the respective industry sectors. It doesn't matter at all whether you are working with Baust Stanztechnologie, Baust Materialflusssysteme, Baust Rollen or Baust Automation: With us, you have a powerful partner at your side to optimise and effectively strengthen your production management.

Perhaps you don't see your industry sector, or you are uncertain whether our products are suitable for your company. We would be happy to advise you and explain your possibilities in an individual meeting. Call us or use the contact form for your inquiry.

Sheet metal industry

Plastic industry

Chemical industry


Machine engineering

Machine technology and systems engineering at the highest level

Is your industry sector not included, or are you unsure whether our products are suitable for your company? We would be happy to advise you in an individual meeting and explain your possibilities. Call us or use our contact form for your inquiry.