Basic components

Roller conveyor

  • for a variety of weight ranges
  • variable roller diameters and roller pitches
  • good stability
  • extremely quiet operation
  • constructed for high performance even under limited conditions

Chain conveyor

  • two, three or more lanes
  • accurate and quiet in operation
  • load-bearing to 5.000 kg
  • up to 12 m long


  • with a range of superstructures (roller conveyor, chain conveyor …)
  • exact positioning of transport goods
  • optimum tip stability through sophisticated rotational bearings
  • optimal safety for goods in transmission

Transfer unit

  • optimal safety in directional changes
  • exact parallel alignment for lifting
  • minimal jolts and vibration
  • extremely safe and secure
  • high throughput

Centering device

  • centering of pallets and goods from two sides
  • can be integrated & retrofitted into roller conveyors
  • improves subsequent processing through its precise positioning
  • low space requirements
  • for empty pallets and loaded pallets up to 5 t

Lifting stations

  • suitable for pallet jacks
  • precise positioning even with uneven weight distribution
  • very compact & safe operation
  • can be installed without a foundation pit
  • even construction means no ramps are needed