Electro – Metal Industry

The electro profile area is one of the largest application areas for rotary punching. The machines can be integrated directly into the profiling line or be installed as a self-sufficient machine in front of the profiling line. Tool or product change can be realized within a few minutes.

Baust delivered a large number of rotary punching machines for e.g. snap- on rails. The advantages of rotary punching, for example: a production speed of up to 100 m/min have convinced many manufacturers.

Rotary punching for electro profiles:

  • Cable installation systems
  • Cable Ducts
  • Cable Ladders
  • Barrier strips
  • Snap-on mounting rails
  • Power rails
  • Mounting accessories for cable installation systems
  • Safe and user-friendly handling
  • Optimally used line speeds
  • Low-noise and energy-efficient
  • Saves space

Fast processing of electronic profiles by Baust metal punching machines

In the field of electro, the use of built-in rotary punching machines provides a quick cost saving: Electro profiles such as cable ducts, dividers or power rails can be produced and processed silently and quickly. Metal punching has never been so easy: many well-known customers use our service for the production of electro profiles.