Shelf and storage technology

Continuous punching offers safety in the punching process for shelves and shelf profiles. Since the rotary punching tools are continuously engaged and the material is continuously guided through the machine, there is no offset in the rows of holes. The tools designed for the particular products can thus always produce the same hole images.

Another advantage of rotary punching is the shear cutting of the tools. This means that investments in noise-protection cabins or special ground foundations can be avoided. Shelf racks or even roller conveyors can be produced economically by the high production speeds.

Rotary punching for shelf and storage technology:

  • Shelf Profiles
  • Shelf carrier profiles
  • Profiles for Roller conveyors
  • Continuous Punching
  • Low Noise
  • No investment in noise protection
  • no need for special ground foundations

Metal punching in shelf and storage technology: Baust is the expert

Rotary punching machines of Baust also meet the highest demands in shelf and storage technology when it comes to metal punching. The continuous management of the material through the production process does not result in an offset of the hole rows. The low-noise punching is also an enormous advantage in the production of shelf profiles and shelf carrier profiles.