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Baust punching technology offers you rotary punching machines, rotary punching tools like rotary die cutting, and service parts for all areas of rotary punching technology like stamping technology. Our many years of experience and know-how in the area of rotary punching for paper/printing, metal and plastic distinguish our products. You can rely on the technology leader. Find out more on our homepage.

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Baust Punching technology Products

Products for industries

printing industry

Machine plug-in units matched to your printing machine.

Standard tools and customized tools for the printing industry.

High quality service parts for rotary punching tools.

sheet metal industry and plastic industry

Rotary punching machine for the plastic industry


AX-Drive Dip & Drop

Punching and ejecting up to 5mm material thickness

Rotary punching machines –without motor for continuous punching

Punching units with or without motor for extra fast and precise tool change

Punching plug-in units with electric control to be integrated directly into the profiling system

Rotary punching machine for ambitious punching patterns

Rotary punching machine for flexible punching patterns



Printing industry, metal and plastic industry

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