Roller blinds | Rotary die cutting

The rotary punching machines from Baust offer an optimal production for roller shutter shafts. Due to the high speed of 100 m/min and the intelligent tool change systems, various roller shutter shafts can be produced economically. Rotary punching machines for blind profiles work with significant lessvibrationsthan conventional hydraulic presses.

They can be integrated directly into the manufacturing process. Many well-known manufacturers of roller shutters and blind profiles have been successfully implementing the rotary punching machines developed by Baust for years.

Rotary punching for roller blinds or venetian blinds:

  • Roller shutter shafts
  • Eight side shafts
  • Roller blinds
  • Guide Rails
  • Quiet
  • Low Vibration
  • High speeds
  • Integrated in the process

Rotary dies simplify the manufacturing process of roller shutters and venetian blinds

The use of our rotary punches in the metal industry is as versatile as our punching technology itself. Metal punching is also used in the production of roller shutters and blinds, since the low vibration and fast production possibilities bring enormous advantages.