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Pallet inverter

Safe pallet changing in every branch of industry

Do you want to maximize the efficiency of your pallets? Then a pallet inverter from Baust is exactly what you need! With our state-of-the-art products, you can effortlessly turn over your pallets and thus significantly increase the useful life of each pallet. By using a pallet inverter from Baust, you not only save time, but also costs. All of our pallet inverters are manufactured to the highest standards, providing you with a reliable and durable solution to your needs.

Rely on our experience and make your logistics processes even more efficient!

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Pallet changers with the clamping method | Pallet inverter

Pallet inverters with the clamping method

Palletize robust goods quickly and cheaply

  • Side clamping of the goods
  • Simplest and cheapest option for particularly robust goods
  • pallet inverting: Ideal for palletizing cardboard boxes and boxes
  • Lowering and exchanging the pallet using a hand pallet truck or a lifting roller conveyor
  • Performance: up to 50 changes per hour

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Pallet changer <br/>PW 500

Pallet changer
PW 500

The PW 500 offers the simplest and therefore most economical variant of palletizing and is particularly suitable for pressure-stable and insensitive goods that can withstand a lot.
Pallet changer <br/>PW 500 Inline

Pallet changer
PW 500 Inline

The most efficient solution to get robust and pressure resistant goods from one pallet to another fully automatically. The PW 500 Inline offers the proven clamping method for conveyor lines.

Pallet inverters with the inverting and tilting method

Suitable for many pallet sizes

  • Rotate or tilt the goods by 90 to 180°
  • Ideal for palletizing sacks and big bags
  • Overhang of the goods is not a problem
  • Reliable even with poor pallet quality and different pallet dimensions
  • Performance: up to 55 changes per hour

More about the inverting and tilting method

Pallet inverter <br/>PW 600

Pallet inverter
PW 600

The pallet inverter PW 600 is ideal where robust goods such as e.g. bagged goods or big-bags are involved. Both poor pallet quality and varying sizes of pallet present no problem.
Pallet inverter <br/>PW 600 Inline

Pallet inverter
PW 600 Inline

To change or rotate loaded pallets in a fully automated environment, the choice is the PW 600 Inline.
Pallet inverter <br/>PW 700

Pallet inverter
PW 700

The PW 700 from Baust is particularly suitable for the speedy pallet changing of robust goods such as bags. Also the exchange of damaged pallets presents no problem for the PW 700. Exactly as with the PW 600 this pallet changer applies the inverting ...
Pallet changer <br/>PW 800 E

Pallet changer
PW 800 E

The simplest pallet changer with tilting method is suitable for tilt-stable goods such as cardboard boxes or crates and does not require side walls and pallet clamps due to the 92° angle.
Pallet changer<br/> PW 800 C

Pallet changer
PW 800 C

Due to the diagonal tilting process by 90 – 120° into the corner, the PW 800 C does not need side walls. Ideal for space-saving and ergonomic repalletising of loads.
Pallet changer <br/>PW 800

Pallet changer
PW 800

With the PW 800 from Baust, the pallet change is done by a backward tilting movement from 100 to 135°. The pallet changer PW 800 with side walls and pallet clamp is ideal for unsecured loads such as, e.g. drums, sacks or big-bags.
Pallet changer <br/>PW 800 Inline

Pallet changer
PW 800 Inline

The pallet changer PW 800 Inline offers the fully automatic tilting method as a basic solution. The integration in further conveyor technology with additional components such as pallet magazines or packaging machines is possible quite easily.
Pallet changer <br/>PW 900 Inline

Pallet changer
PW 900 Inline

Thanks to the tilting angle of up to 180°, there are no more problems with cover sheets or slip sheets. Loose sheets can disrupt the automatic exchange process by falling into the machine or conveyors.
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Pallet inverter and the reverse method

The reverse method of a pallet inverter works as follows:

  1. Loading the pallet: the pallet is loaded into the pallet inverter, either manually by a forklift or automatically by a conveyor belt.
  2. Securing the load: once the pallet is loaded, it is secured by a hydraulic clamp or pressure plate mechanism. This mechanism holds the pallet and its load securely while the turning operation takes place.
  3. Turning operation: After the load is secured, the turning operation begins. The pallet inverter lifts and rotates the pallet 180 degrees. Depending on the model and settings, this process can be repeated once or several times.
  4. Unloading the pallet: After the pallet has been turned, the securing device is released and the pallet can be removed from the pallet inverter.

This method makes it possible to bring the bottom of the pallet up or replace damaged pallets without having to manually dismantle and reassemble the entire load. It improves efficiency and safety in the warehouse and reduces the risk of injury from manual handling.

Pallet changer <br/>PW 1000

Pallet changer
PW 1000

The PW 1000 ensures a precise and smooth operation where exchange of pallets for large and robust goods is frequently necessary. Its particular attributes are the Plug & Play construction and the simple operation.
Pallet changer <br/>PW 2000

Pallet changer
PW 2000

The pallet changer PW 2000 encloses the goods very securely – two flexible side walls together with the rear wall secure the goods from three sides. Additional sliding plates ensure a particularly gentle exchange of pallets of highly sensitive goods....
Pallet changer <br/>PW 3000

Pallet changer
PW 3000

The PW 3000 from Baust offers a clever two-way solution. The pallet changer allows loading and unloading from both the front and rear of the machine and is often used in clean room airlocks.
Pallet changer <br/>PW 4000

Pallet changer
PW 4000

The PW 4000 is the extended version of the PW 2000 with conveyor technology. Due to the one-sided infeed and discharge of the pallets, the pusher is predestined for a niche location.
Pallet changer <br/>PW 5000

Pallet changer
PW 5000

The PW 5000 from Baust can be loaded from both ends and be utilized as a fully automated sluice in clean room areas requiring hygienic separation. This makes the pallet changer indispensable, particularly in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Pallet changer <br/>PW 6000

Pallet changer
PW 6000

The PW 6000 from Baust is ideal when large quantities of pallets on which highly sensitive goods is stored have to be exchanged. A one-sided material flow and optimized processes are the basis for the most powerful pallet changer.

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Cost savings through pallet inverters for your company

As a business, you are always faced with the challenge of cutting costs to stay competitive. One way to reduce costs in material handling is to use pallet inverters. By using these machines, you can save not only time, but also space. Turning pallets becomes a quick and easy task with a pallet inverter, requiring only one operator. In addition to saving time, you also reduce the risk of injury to employees by using pallet inverters. So investing in pallet inverters can prove to be extremely worthwhile for your company and result in significant cost savings in the long run.

The operation of pallet inverters

The operation of pallet inverters is extremely effective – especially in warehouses and shipping centers, where turning pallets around quickly and safely is of paramount importance. Pallet inverters use a special reversal method to transfer the load from one side to the other. This is accomplished by turning the entire pallet 180 degrees. The reversing function is often integrated into handy devices such as pallet inverters for forklifts, making it easier to unload truck contents or organize stock. All in all, pallet inverters are an indispensable aid in optimizing goods logistics and ensuring the smooth running of daily business.

Sustainably increase production speed with a pallet inverter

Thanks to modern technologies, operating processes can be made more efficient and optimized to increase productivity. One of the latest innovations in production is the pallet inverter. With this device, pallets can be turned in seconds, which significantly speeds up the work process and thus sustainably increases production speed. In this way, companies not only save time, but also money, as they can handle the same amount of production with fewer personnel and machines. Whether in the food industry or in the logistics sector – the pallet inverter has the potential to become an important helper in production.

Improving logistics with a pallet inverter

By using a pallet inverter, you can significantly increase the efficiency of your logistics processes. This device makes it possible to turn and rotate pallets quickly and easily, ensuring optimal utilization of the available storage space. Thanks to the pallet inverter, transport distances can also be shortened, as long detours are no longer necessary to bring the pallets into the desired position. In addition, the use of this handy device also reduces the risk of injury to your employees, as they no longer have to move heavy loads manually. So if you’re looking for a way to optimize your logistics processes, the pallet inverter is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Other advantages of pallet inverters summarized at a glance

  1. Increased efficiency: a pallet inverter enables more efficient pallet handling by facilitating the turning or flipping of products for proper storage. This can lead to faster processing and therefore higher productivity.
  2. Easy replacement of defective pallets: With a pallet inverter, damaged pallets can be replaced with ease. This can reduce downtime and increase efficiency.
  3. Reduction of physical strain: Using a pallet inverter reduces the physical strain of manual labor. This can lead to reduced sick time and increased job satisfaction.
  4. Flexibility: pallet inverters can be used in a variety of industries – from food and pharmaceuticals to retail stores and warehouses.
  5. Safety: A pallet inverter can help increase safety in the workplace. It minimizes the risk of accidents that can occur due to improper lifting or moving of heavy pallets.
  6. Cost savings: By improving efficiency and reducing downtime, a pallet inverter can help reduce operating costs.

We offer the following types of pallet inverters

Mobile pallet inverter

Mobile pallet inverters are designed to be moved around a warehouse or distribution center. They are equipped with wheels and can be operated by a single person. Mobile pallet inverters are ideal for environments where space is limited or where pallet loads need to be turned at various locations within the facility.

Stationary pallet inverter

Stationary pallet inverters, as the name implies, are fixed in one location. These machines are typically larger and can handle heavier loads than their mobile counterparts. They are often integrated into a production line or used in a specific area for turning or replacing pallets.

Stationary pallet inverters can be equipped with different functions. For example, some models have a clamping device that holds the load securely during the turning process, while others use a turntable or a combination of both. The opening range and load capacity of stationary pallet inverters can vary depending on the specific model.

Both mobile and stationary pallet inverters help increase efficiency and reduce manual labor in various industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical and manufacturing.

Pallet inverter for forklifts from Baust

Many companies today rely on efficient warehouse management to optimize their processes. A pallet inverter for the Baust forklift is a popular tool for turning pallets quickly and safely. This not only saves time, but also money and space. A pallet inverter is usually easy to use and can be attached to almost any forklift truck. It makes it possible to transport and stack pallets safely. With a pallet inverter for the forklift from Baust, even heavy objects can be moved without any problems, making the work easier and faster.