Pallet inverter PW 700

The ideal pallet inverter for bagged goods

The PW 700 from Baust is particularly suitable for the speedy pallet changing of robust goods such as bags. Also the exchange of damaged pallets presents no problem for the PW 700. Exactly as with the PW 600 this pallet changer applies the inverting method. But this pallet inverter has the added advantage of being fed and emptied using a pallet truck.

  • inexpensive pallet change using inverting method
  • ideal for robust goods particularly bags
  • reliable even with poor quality pallets
  • suitable for many different sized pallets
  • Plug & Play operation
  • handling via manual and electrical pallet truck & forklift truck
  • performance: 10 – 20 changes/h
  • dimensions (L x W x H in mm): 2030x3360x2950
  • machine weight: approx. 3000 kg
  • clamping/turning: electrically driven
  • feeding & discharging: manual or electrical pallet truck
  • control mode: dead man´s system
  • power supply: 4 kVA – 16A 400 V
Pallet loading
  • total weight up to 1500 kg
  • pallet dimensions (W x L in mm): 800 – 1000 x 1200
  • max. height incl. pallet: 2000 mm
  • goods: e.g. cartons, bagged goods, big-bags
  • overhang allowed
  • automatic mode with access control
  • goods height > 2000 mm
  • roller guides for 95° procedure
  • other pallet dimensions

Pallet changing with the PW 700

The pallet inverter PW 700 is ideal for repalletizing in small areas. This how the inverting method works: The goods are clamped from below and above so that they can be rotated 180 degrees. The existing pallet is then removed and the new pallet can be placed on top either manually or with the help of lifting gear. Afterwards the goods together with the new pallet are rotated back to the original position. They can then be removed. Feeding and removal takes place at ground level. The PW 700 can therefore be easily loaded and unloaded using a pallet truck. Alternatively a rotation of 95° is possible. The pallets can then be removed and replaced while vertical. In the case of bags, as used for example in the food, pharmaceutical or chemical industries, the position of the goods is irrelevant i.e. it can be left inverted. Advantage: The exchange of pallets is then even easier with the PW 700 from Baust. The new pallet is simply placed on top of the load before it is rotated. Accordingly only one rotation is necessary.

We recommend the pallet inverter PW 700 for 10 to 20 changes per hour.

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