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The optimal supplement for your in-house logistics

Pallet magazines are used wherever high volumes of load carriers are in circulation and an orderly supply or collection effectively supports the processes. Just as diverse as the requirements of logistics are the design possibilities of Baust pallet magazines.

  • can be used as a pallet dispenser, pallet storage and collector
  • Stand Alone or Inline version
  • Length or crosswise loading
  • for various pallet types and -dimensions
  • capacity expandable to 10, 15, 20 or more pallets
  • leakproof and low noises due to pneumatic or electric systems
  • entry- and center- chamfers
  • performance: 10 – 60 cycles/h
  • dimensions (L x W x H in mm): depending on the model
  • pallet gripper: pneumatically or electrically driven
  • loading and unloading: pallet trucks, forklifts or conveyor systems
  • control mode: dead-man´s handle or automatic
  • Power supply: R1/2″, 6 bar or: 2kVA 16 A 400 V
Pallet data
  • dimensions (W x L in mm): 800 – 1200 x 1200
  • standard stacking height: 1440 – 2160 mm (10 – 15 Euro pal.)
  • standard stack weight: 250 – 375 kg (10 – 15 Euro pal.)
  • material: wood, plastic, aluminum, steel
  • other pallet types
  • stainless steel version
  • flexible operation for several pallet widths

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    The pallet magazine – efficient logistics through intelligent design

    As a free-standing device or integrated into your material flow system, the pallet dispenser from Baust enriches your company and guarantees the acceleration and safety of your flow of goods. Used across industries, our products are known for optimizing and facilitating many work steps, which offer your company the time and cost savings in order to remain competitive. Modern developments such as the pallet magazines not only bring advantages for your conveyor systems, but also for your employees. User-friendly, effective and robust, they support your work steps and keep things tidy. As an automatic pallet magazine or with dead man’s control, it has a permanent place in the warehouse or the pallet transport system and can function as a pallet collector or pallet dispenser. Available in different versions, it can be adapted to your specific requirements so that you can exploit its enormous potential.

    Flexible pallet magazines for dynamic operation

    Expandable and suitable for different pallet types, they are indispensable helpers for the error-free and quick execution of many processes. Whether you prefer lengthways or cross-loading or use unusual pallet dimensions, we have the ideal pallet magazine ready for you. We easily meet industry-specific interests, such as the use of hygienic pallets or the need for one-way pallets. Our devices are qualified for wooden, aluminum, steel and plastic pallets and ensure careful handling. In addition, the pallet dispenser can also be made entirely of stainless steel in order to meet the requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries. The standard version of the pallet magazine can store up to 15 Euro pallets, which can be conveniently loaded and unloaded using a forklift or pallet truck. As an inline version for the material flow system, this is automatically possible thanks to the conveyor technology.

    Good arguments for the pallet dispenser

    The employee-friendly filling and removal can be carried out using pneumatics or electronics with little noise and, above all, ergonomically. There is no need to lift heavy pallets with the pallet magazine. Even huge pallet movements can be mastered with custom-made products. The capacity can be expanded up to 20 pallets or more, so that a large number of load carriers can be in circulation without hindering the flow of goods. With the pallet systems you ensure cleanliness and order in every logistics center. Due to their fixed location, the pallet magazines promote a single-variety, flawless collection that reduces space requirements. Create an overview through a central arrangement and avoid dangerous tripping hazards caused by incorrectly placed pallets. Easily accessible or as a unit in the material flow system, the pallet magazine provides maximum efficiency.

    Accelerate processes with a high degree of efficiency

    Our pallet storage systems have entry and centering bevels that make loading easier and convenient. An automatic pallet magazine handles the load carriers with care, so that broken pallets and the resulting injuries are reduced. The leak-free, pneumatic or electrically driven pallet grippers gently lift the pallets to the desired height and can be adjusted to the optimal center of gravity. This prevents the pallets from being deformed or even bent. Thanks to our experienced employees, implementing the high-quality pallet magazine in your already established material flow system is also no problem. We realize the tried and tested increase in efficiency for you through the optimization of the pallet flow and support you in reducing work absences and improving your working conditions. Contact us and let our know-how convince you today.