Special profiles

Flexible punching machines are required in the area of contract profiles. Thanks to Intelligent tool change systems or simple integration possibilities of the machines, the advantages of rotary punching can also be used for contractprofiling. For example, rotary punching units can be integrated into the profiling line via quick-change plates and be removed again if necessary and replaced by other quick-change plates.

The modern control systems of Baust additionally increase the flexibility of the rotary punching machines. Take advantage of the rotary punching technology and see for yourself.

Rotary punches fpr contract profiles:

  • C- Profiles
  • U-Profiles
  • Z-Profiles
  • Perforated wage profiles
  • Flexible tool change concepts
  • User-friendly
  • Saves space

Lohnprofile effizient herstellen – mit Baust-Stanztechnologie

Rotary punching is used in the production of wage profiles because the process is particularly flexible. Rotary punching units can be integrated into existing systems and removed when necessary.