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Pallet changers

Safe pallet changing in every branch of industry

Baust offers a wide choice of high performance machines in the field of pallet changers. No matter how varied the differing fields of application are, the Baust pallet changers are simple to operate, treat the goods gently and offer the highest safety standards. Whatever the focus, whether it is the adherence to strict hygiene regulations in the pharmaceutical or food industry, or the trouble-free operation in warehouse and logistics management, the Baust pallet changers are used in a wide variety of industries. Choose your Pallet changer and get in contact.

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Pallet changers with the clamping method | Pallet inverter

Pallet changers with the clamping method

Palletize robust goods quickly and cheaply

  • Side clamping of the goods
  • Simplest and cheapest option for particularly robust goods
  • pallet inverting: Ideal for palletizing cardboard boxes and boxes
  • Lowering and exchanging the pallet using a hand pallet truck or a lifting roller conveyor
  • Performance: up to 50 changes per hour

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Pallet changer <br/>PW 500

Pallet changer
PW 500

The PW 500 offers the simplest and therefore most economical variant of palletizing and is particularly suitable for pressure-stable and insensitive goods that can withstand a lot.
Pallet changer <br/>PW 500 Inline

Pallet changer
PW 500 Inline

The most efficient solution to get robust and pressure resistant goods from one pallet to another fully automatically. The PW 500 Inline offers the proven clamping method for conveyor lines.

Pallet changers with the inverting and tilting method

Suitable for many pallet sizes

  • Rotate or tilt the goods by 90 to 180°
  • Ideal for palletizing sacks and big bags
  • Overhang of the goods is not a problem
  • Reliable even with poor pallet quality and different pallet dimensions
  • Performance: up to 55 changes per hour

More about the inverting and tilting method

Pallet inverter <br/>PW 600

Pallet inverter
PW 600

The pallet inverter PW 600 is ideal where robust goods such as e.g. bagged goods or big-bags are involved. Both poor pallet quality and varying sizes of pallet present no problem.
Pallet inverter <br/>PW 600 Inline

Pallet inverter
PW 600 Inline

To change or rotate loaded pallets in a fully automated environment, the choice is the PW 600 Inline.
Pallet inverter <br/>PW 700

Pallet inverter
PW 700

The PW 700 from Baust is particularly suitable for the speedy pallet changing of robust goods such as bags. Also the exchange of damaged pallets presents no problem for the PW 700. Exactly as with the PW 600 this pallet changer applies the inverting ...
Pallet changer <br/>PW 800 E

Pallet changer
PW 800 E

The simplest pallet changer with tilting method is suitable for tilt-stable goods such as cardboard boxes or crates and does not require side walls and pallet clamps due to the 92° angle.
Pallet changer<br/> PW 800 C

Pallet changer
PW 800 C

Due to the diagonal tilting process by 90 – 120° into the corner, the PW 800 C does not need side walls. Ideal for space-saving and ergonomic repalletising of loads.
Pallet changer <br/>PW 800

Pallet changer
PW 800

With the PW 800 from Baust, the pallet change is done by a backward tilting movement from 100 to 135°. The pallet changer PW 800 with side walls and pallet clamp is ideal for unsecured loads such as, e.g. drums, sacks or big-bags.
Pallet changer <br/>PW 800 Inline

Pallet changer
PW 800 Inline

The pallet changer PW 800 Inline offers the fully automatic tilting method as a basic solution. The integration in further conveyor technology with additional components such as pallet magazines or packaging machines is possible quite easily.
Pallet changer <br/>PW 900 Inline

Pallet changer
PW 900 Inline

Thanks to the tilting angle of up to 180°, there are no more problems with cover sheets or slip sheets. Loose sheets can disrupt the automatic exchange process by falling into the machine or conveyors.
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Pallet changers with the pushing method

Gentle repackaging of sensitive goods

  • Push the goods onto a lower target pallet
  • Particularly gentle handling of the cargo
  • Ideal for sensitive goods
  • Reliable palletizing with incomplete and incomplete loads
  • Performance: up to 60 changes per hour

More about the pushing method

Pallet changer <br/>PW 1000

Pallet changer
PW 1000

The PW 1000 ensures a precise and smooth operation where exchange of pallets for large and robust goods is frequently necessary. Its particular attributes are the Plug & Play construction and the simple operation.
Pallet changer <br/>PW 2000

Pallet changer
PW 2000

The pallet changer PW 2000 encloses the goods very securely – two flexible side walls together with the rear wall secure the goods from three sides. Additional sliding plates ensure a particularly gentle exchange of pallets of highly sensitive goods....
Pallet changer <br/>PW 3000

Pallet changer
PW 3000

The PW 3000 from Baust offers a clever two-way solution. The pallet changer allows loading and unloading from both the front and rear of the machine and is often used in clean room airlocks.
Pallet changer <br/>PW 4000

Pallet changer
PW 4000

The PW 4000 is the extended version of the PW 2000 with conveyor technology. Due to the one-sided infeed and discharge of the pallets, the pusher is predestined for a niche location.
Pallet changer <br/>PW 5000

Pallet changer
PW 5000

The PW 5000 from Baust can be loaded from both ends and be utilized as a fully automated sluice in clean room areas requiring hygienic separation. This makes the pallet changer indispensable, particularly in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Pallet changer <br/>PW 6000

Pallet changer
PW 6000

The PW 6000 from Baust is ideal when large quantities of pallets on which highly sensitive goods is stored have to be exchanged. A one-sided material flow and optimized processes are the basis for the most powerful pallet changer.

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Powerful pallet changers for every industry

Pallet changers are used to repalletize sensitive goods and work more efficiently. In particular, the devices are used in the pharmaceutical and food industries, as they are compatible with the high hygiene regulations of these sectors. Pallet changers are characterized by their particularly gentle handling of goods and thus by compliance with a high level of safety. Pallet changers are also used to stack goods and exchange products. But even if a shipping pallet becomes necessary for transport, a pallet changer makes the changeover particularly efficient and cost-effective. In warehouse logistics, it is often necessary to change the location of products, for example, by correcting the orientation or changing the sequence. Pallet turners avoid burdensome and time-consuming manual work without losing the gentle handling of sensitive goods.

Common methods for pallet changers

Pallet changers are used in many different areas and offer new possibilities for the automation of logistics and transport processes in all industries. Typically, a pallet changer uses either the clamp method, the push-over method, or the turn-and-tilt method. Pallet changers that work with the clamping method are particularly well suited for working quickly and inexpensively. However, these devices are more suitable for robust goods than for sensitive goods. The products are clamped laterally, and up to 50 changes per hour are possible with our powerful devices. The pallet is lowered and exchanged, for example, by means of a lifting roller conveyor. Thus, pallet changers using the clamping method are the best way to automate the repalletizing of robust goods.

Overshifting method for pallet changers

In contrast to the clamping method, this method is exactly the right one if you are repalletizing sensitive products, such as in food transport or for the pharmaceutical industry. In this process, the products are pushed onto a lower plate, thus ensuring maximum safety for sensitive goods. In addition, the over-palletizing method can be used when the load is patchy or incomplete, whereas here the clamping method is not a good solution due to lack of stability. With a performance level of up to 60 changes per hour, you will not lose any time even if the products in question are handled very gently, and you can work just as efficiently as with more robust goods. Just as for the clamping process, different devices are available from us for pallet changers with overshifting process. We will be pleased to advise you individually on their special application possibilities and advantages.

Pallet changers – flexible options for automation

The third standard method for pallet changers is the turning and tilting method. The turning device is ideal for unusual or irregular formats, because even with different pallet dimensions or overhanging goods, there is neither a delay in performance nor reduced safety of the goods. The methodology is also ideal for bagged goods or big bags, as well as for poor pallet quality. The goods are tilted by 90° to 180°, which also allows a high output of up to 55 changes per hour. Please contact us for an individual consultation, in which we will determine your needs for pallet turners and inform you about the suitable products. Of course, we can also offer you hybrid solutions or complete systems if you want to work with a variety of products and reduce your expenses when purchasing the equipment.