Standard tools and customized tools for the printing industry have been manufactured for many years with high quality and high precision. The rotary punching tools product range comprises the new generation of line hole punching (remaliner), file hole punching, perforation tools, crimping tools and much more. Baust is an original equipment manufacturer for many well-known printing machine manufacturers and delivers tools worldwide. Precision technology for outstanding results is our philosophy.

  • New generation line hole punching tools (remaliner)
  • file hole tools
  • notching tools
  • embossing tools
  • thumbhole punching tools
  • half-moon punching tools
  • skip perforation tools
  • charting tools
  • label printing tools
  • special customized tools

Punching Tools from Baust – The Key to Efficiency in the Printing Industry

Punching dies are at the heart of the printing industry and are crucial for high efficiency and precision. At Baust, we are a renowned company specializing in the manufacture of high-quality punching tools. With years of experience and state-of-the-art technology, we produce die cutting tools that are tailored to the specific requirements of our customers. The robust and durable die-cutting tools enable fast and accurate processing. Companies that pay attention to the quality of their printed products and at the same time want to save production costs rely on the innovative die cutting tools from Baust. You too can be part of it!

Precision and quality – the advantages of Baust die cutting tools

Punching dies are indispensable in the printing industry. Their precision and quality make them a special choice for companies that rely on the highest standards. That’s why we offer a wide range of die cutting tools tailored to the individual needs of our customers. Whether you need simple shapes or complex designs, Baust’s die cutting tools are guaranteed to deliver perfect results.
With the right die cutting tools, print production can be optimized, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity. High-quality die cutting tools are invaluable for successful and effective process handling.

Discover the power of Baust punching tools in the printing industry

The printing industry is booming and requires more and more advanced technologies. If you are looking for an effective tool to help you punch various materials, you should try Baust punching tools. Our tools are specifically designed to meet the needs of the printing industry and offer reliable performance. They offer high accuracy and are easy to use. Discover the power of Baust die cutting tools today and increase your productivity and efficiency in the printing industry.

Baust Die Cutting Tools: Your long-term partner in the printing industry

We are your reliable partner in the printing industry when it comes to high-quality die cutting tools. Because we have the necessary know-how to improve your production processes. Our punching tools are characterized by their high precision and durability. Our team has decades of experience and works closely with our customers to develop customized solutions that are specifically tailored to your requirements. Custom designs are no problem.
If you are looking for an experienced partner to help you improve your print production, contact us today!

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