Pallet stacker

Making pallet stacking easy

The Baust pallet stacker ensures effective pallet storage combined with a very careful handling of goods. This makes it the optimal choice for all companies in which pallet stacking is among the daily tasks. The machine stacks or unstacks two loaded pallets much faster, more precisely and more carefully than a forklift truck can do it.

  • stacking or unstacking of two loaded pallets on top of each other
  • alternative: placing a single pallet underneath original pallet and load
  • swinging lifting devices save space
  • suitable for different pallet widths
  • long-lasting and low maintenance


  • performance: 40 – 60 cycles/h
  • dimensions (L x W x H in mm): 1600 x 1200 x 3000
  • lifting/gripping: pneumatically or electrically driven
  • loading and unloading: conveying line
  • control mode: automatic
  • Power supply: 4 kVA – 16A 230/400 V R1/2″, 6 bar

Pallet loading

  • total weight up to 1500 kg
  • standard pallet (W x L in mm): 800 – 1000 x 1200
  • max. Height incl. Pallet: 2000 mm
  • overhang tolerance on each side: 50 mm
  • goods: e.g. cardboard boxes, barrels, boxes or bottles
  • other pallet dimensions and heights
  • automatic pallet magazines

Space-saving pallet storage with Baust’s individual solution

The Baust pallet doubler is made for all companies that are in need for space-saving pallet storage. Depending on what the customer wants, the pallets are lifted and lowered either pneumatically, electrically or hydraulically. The placement of an empty pallet is also possible.

The Baust machine is suitable for different pallet widths.
This is how the pallet stacking works: A loaded pallet is run into the unit via a pallet conveyor system or by a forklift. After being taken and lifted to a sufficient height, either a loaded pallet or an empty pallet is placed underneath. The process is completed by gently putting down the load being lifted. Now the pallets can be stored in a space-saving way.

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    Optimal warehouse logistics with our pallet stacker

    Space-saving yet safe storage is one of the most important components of economical warehouse management. Goods of all kinds must be placed in such a way that they make optimum use of the storage space without risking damage. Therefore, many companies resort to pallet stacking to make full use of vertical space. If you use a forklift to stack pallets, you are choosing a laborious and suboptimal option.

    In comparison, high-capacity pallet stackers perform better in many ways and are the better choice for most businesses and warehouse situations. A pallet stacker, also called a pallet doubler, can gently and safely stack two pallets on top of each other, providing a stable and straightforward solution for better space utilization in the warehouse.

    Stacking pallets with forklift or practical Palettomat

    If you have to stack or unstack pallets filled with goods on a daily basis, you may have thought about purchasing a forklift truck for this purpose. The problem with these devices, however, is that they are very maintenance-intensive and must be operated by a trained specialist. With a pallet stacker, on the other hand, operation is intuitive and simple. In addition, pallet doublers are very low-maintenance and durable, so you can also save a lot of money in the long run.

    In addition, when stacking pallets, the safety of the goods is a very important factor. Our modern pallet stacker uses conveyor technology and automatic control, and pallets of different sizes can be stacked with high safety standard and accurate placement.

    The advantages of installing a pallet dispenser in your warehouse

    If you run a busy warehouse, you’ll know just how valuable time can be. That’s where a pallet dispenser comes in – this nifty piece of machinery can help you to save time, reduce waste, and improve safety. With an automatic pallet dispenser, you can ensure that your workers always have the right pallets at hand, without the need for manual handling or time-consuming searches for the right size. Thanks to the simplicity and efficiency of this technology, you’ll be able to streamline your operations, reduce labour costs, and make your business more efficient overall. The benefits are clear to see – if you’re still doing things the old-fashioned way, it’s time to invest in a pallet dispenser machine.

    Maximize efficiency and reduce costs with a quality pallet dispenser

    When it comes to streamlining operations in your warehouse, a dependable pallet dispenser can make all the difference. Investing in a quality pallet dispenser machine can maximize efficiency and reduce costs over time. With an automatic pallet dispenser, you can unload pallets faster and distribute them to their designated storage locations with ease. This eliminates the need for manual labor, reducing the risk of injuries and saving time and money on labor costs. Additionally, an efficient pallet dispenser can help reduce downtime and avoid bottlenecks in your workflow, ultimately contributing to a more productive and profitable business.

    The practical operation of our pallet stackers

    As an experienced company in the field of industry and logistics, we have been offering systems for material and process management for over 60 years. Based on our extensive experience of the market and our observations of current needs and developments, we develop contemporary products that meet current conditions. For example, our Palettomat can be used for a wide range of pallet sizes and with a total weight of up to 1500 kg. Thanks to a speed of 40 to 60 cycles per hour, the stacking of pallets takes very little time and goods such as crates, bottles, cardboard boxes and barrels can be safely stacked and stored. Pallet stacking works with our high-performance pallet doffer by conveyor or lifting device, lifting a pallet and finally gently lowering it onto another pallet. You can also choose whether your pallet stacker is applied electrically, hydraulically or pneumatically.

    The pallet stacker with practical semi-mounted function

    We rely on innovative combination solutions for our equipment, so that a variety of applications are possible with one product. In addition to pallet stacking, our pallet destacker can of course also reverse this process. As a pallet destacker, the process runs backwards and your products are just as gently and accurately stored again in individual pallets. Furthermore, the pallet stacker also has the option of saddling up pallets. In this case, pallets filled with goods are stacked with empty pallets. This use of empty pallets is a popular operation that can also be implemented directly with the pallet doffer. If you are looking for a versatile piece of equipment that allows you to perform uncomplicated warehouse management with intuitive equipment, the Baust pallet stacker is just what you need. Feel free to contact us for advice on this and other process and material handling systems.