Conveyor rollers

Conveyor rollers are essential components of material flow systems

Conveyor rollers are essential components of material flow systems. Baust delivers both standard and individual conveyor rollers. Baust represents precision, longevity and experience. You can request further information under Baust Rollers on the enquiry form.

  • conveyor rollers in standard dimensions: 50, 60, 80, 89, 108 mm
  • conveyor rollers with various insulation thicknesses of between 1.5 and 10 mm
  • with a variety of axles, axles finishes, or without axle
  • powered and unpowered conveyor rollers, accumulation rollers
  • with bearing inserts, welded or screw-in bearing carriers
  • with grooved ball bearings, with heavyweight bearings
  • with sprocket-wheels of ½“, ¾“, 5/8“, 1“
  • with specialist sealings
  • blank, coated, zinc-plated, in stainless steel or synthetic material
  • hardened, laminated, rubberized
  • conveyor rollers in specific dimensions, conical rollers

Conveyor rollers from Baust in machine and plant construction

Baust Rollen manufactures high-quality conveyor rollers that experience a variety of uses in machine and plant construction. As a component of material flow systems, the rollers can optimise the process flow. Besides standard solutions, we also offer individual custom products (conveyor rollers, conical rollers, accumulation rollers) for a great variety of industries.

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    Baust conveyor rollers – indispensable components of innovative material and goods transport systems

    Our decades of experience in the field of roll production enable us to offer you the right logistics solution for various industries and companies. Manufactured from different materials and in different designs and sizes, you can choose from standard models or have your individual conveyor roller manufactured according to your requirements. As an essential component in goods logistics and plant construction, for example, conveyor rollers must be able to withstand high loads and be robust. With our products you will discover precision work made to measure and a long service life that not only supports your processes, but can also make them more efficient. As a conveyor roller manufacturer, we guarantee the highest quality for our standard designs as well as custom-made products for your logistical challenges. In addition to variable diameters and wall thicknesses, our range includes a wide range of options for the drive, axles, ball bearings as well as paintwork and coatings that you can use in your material flow system.

    Modify the conveyor roller according to your needs

    Even in the standard solution for many areas in plant engineering and mechanical engineering, you can configure conveyor rollers according to your ideas. We offer them in common diameters of 50, 60 and 80, 89 to 108 mm and wall thicknesses of 1.5 to 10 mm. Depending on the transport system, different types of axes and drives can be used. Either with different axes, without axes or with axis finishing. You can also determine whether the roller is driven or whether it should be a storage roller. Since there is a large number of conveyor flow systems, we also offer the option of manufacturing conveyor rollers with bearing inserts, either welded in or screwed in. Depending on the weight distribution, deep groove ball bearings or heavy-duty bearings can be used, which ensure low-noise operation. As a qualified conveyor roller manufacturer, we can produce special dimensions and conical rollers in consultation with you, which can be easily integrated into your material flow system.

    Optimize your processes with our special role models

    For many industries, special coatings and material properties are important, which effectively contribute to the improvement or acceleration and protection of work processes in everyday life. Our conveyor rollers are robust and resistant to corrosion, which ensure a high level of durability. In addition to the bare conveyor roller, the service life and function can be further extended with paintwork, rubber coating or galvanizing. Depending on the use, stainless steel rollers or plastic conveyor rollers are in demand. The plastic variant is cheaper in price and can also reduce the noise intensity. Some conveyor processes require more grip, which can be rubberized with conveyor rollers, for example for the package distributor, to ensure precise transport. In the pharmaceutical or food industry, most transport systems are equipped with conveyor rollers made of stainless steel, as these are particularly hygienic and material-neutral. These can also be hardened and coated.

    Baust conveyor rollers – industry-specific logistics solutions

    We produce rollers for various areas of application such as logistics centers, mechanical engineering companies, food and pharmaceutical companies. Quality and precision are our leitmotifs, with which we have designed numerous material flow systems and customized them to meet your needs. Our conveyor rollers made of plastic, steel or stainless steel, whether rubberized, coated or specially sealed, will meet your requirements. With us as your conveyor system partner, you can create transport systems that are efficient and durable over the long term. Thanks to our technical know-how from decades of manufacturing, we can design the ideal goods logistics for your company and use our range of customization options to create a smooth process. Contact us and let us convince you of our range of differently dimensioned accumulation rollers, conical rollers and conveyor rollers made of steel or plastic with rubber, tempering or coating.