Material Flow Systems and punching technologies from Baust for the Printing Industry

Baust has had extensive key know-how for logistics and punching solutions in the printing industry for decades.

When it comes to connecting to sheetfed or web printing presses or cross cutters need to be supplied, Baust has special product lines to secure your logistics. Often flat conveyors, pallet magazines and other handling units are used. When it comes to paper assembly in a printing press, be it punching, cutting, embossing or crimping forms, tickets or other printed products, Baust’s high-precision punching tools and units offer the best results. High-performance printing presses around the world have been equipped with building products for decades.

Baust product series in application in the printing industry

Pallet transport: FLAT LINE

Baust Products for the Printing industry

Material Flow Systems
for the Printing industry