Shuttle cars and conveyor technology

Optimum logistics management and warehouse management for your company

High-quality material flow systems to reliably and quickly transport and deposit goods are required to effectively optimise a company’s logistics management. Baust, based in Langenfeld, is the best address for effective warehouse management. The shuttle cars that we supply give your company an efficient and space-saving solution thereby making an important contributing to warehouse management in the long run.

  • up to 2 m/s driving speed
  • tracks of over 100m (recessed tracks, which can then be driven over, are also available)
  • various superstructures and conveyor systems possible
  • with personnel protection
  • with different distance measurement systems
  • with different current carrying systems
  • with load securing
  • more economical and reliable than AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle)


  • speed: up to 2 m/s
  • rail lengths: over 100 m
  • power supply: inductive, conductor rail, battery operation
  • loading & unloading: conveying equipment
  • control mode: automatic
  • power supply: 4 kVA – 16A 230/400 V


  • total weight up to 10 t
  • standard pallet (W x L in mm): 800 – 1200 x 1200
  • max. height incl. pallet: 2000 mm
  • safety features
  • displacement measuring systems
  • rail mounting

Shuttle cars on tracks: material flow systems at the highest level

In contrast to AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle), the shuttle cars on tracks from Baust Materialflusssysteme come with a decisive advantage. They are significantly more economical and efficient for linear transport routes through simpler control and electrical engineering. . In addition, the high quality standards facilitate optimum usage of space. The ramps of the shuttle cars can be walked and driven on so that your logistics real estate can be fully utilized.

The products for logistics management and warehouse management that we have developed are adapted individually to your company in order to offer the optimum solution in the field of material flow systems. The drive system of our shuttle cars is adapted depending on the use. The power supply can also be resolved in a variety of ways at the request of the customer. In addition, the load carriers are equipped with additional conveying elements for efficient good distribution.

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    Shuttle cars- the ideal complement to your conveyor technology

    At Baust, we specialize in customizing material handling systems and have the expertise to help companies achieve the best possible logistics management. In this context, shuttle car conveyor technology is an essential part of our offering to make warehouse management more efficient, faster and safer. With different concepts, Baust can revise your material handling system so that your company becomes more productive as well as more profitable, giving you an edge over your competitors. Rail-bound shuttle cars are not only the faster choice with up to 2 m/s travel speed, but due to the drivable rail system, they can mean a significant space saving, resulting in more flexible space planning for you. Exclusively you could determine the type of traversing carriages, which superstructures and conveyors fit to your company as well as the design of the path measuring and current guiding system. The safety for goods and employees can be ensured with selected personal and load safety and this with an economical implementation.

    The possibilities of transfer carriages

    Shuttle cars are the best method for all industries to transport products on pallets or other load carriers to their destination without detours. Linear as well as curved tracks up to a length of 100 m can be realized. The shuttle car conveyor system is particularly effective when it is equipped with protective grids, as speeds in excess of 2 m/s can be achieved. The rail-bound shuttle car can be driven either by a chain, toothed belt, toothed rack or cardan shaft. On request, additional settings such as smooth acceleration, type of starting, braking or different speed modes can be implemented. Depending on the place of use, it is possible to choose between rails flush with the floor or rails on the floor. The decisive factor is the position and the area to be covered. The conveying elements vary according to the requirements. Thus, traversing carriages with attached telescopic forks with lifting gear, roller conveyors, turntables, corner transfer units or chain conveyors (including overlapping for cross travel possible) can be offered.

    Technical details of the shuttle car conveyor system

    The decisive advantage over the common driverless transport systems is the relatively simple electrical engineering, which is given due to the rail-bound transport. The simple automatic control system creates an economic advantage that every company should take advantage of. For a functional and safe environment, power supply systems can be provided via a conductor rail, inductive or battery operation with power supply via a trailing cable, conductor line, cable drag chain or battery. The low-maintenance and robust transfer carriages can transport, load and unload goods with a complete load of up to 10 tons. The common dimensions of standard pallets from 800 to 1200 × 1200 mm in size can be conveyed, whereby the conveyed material must not exceed a maximum height of 2000 mm. In addition to the optional safety devices, the specified deposit location can be reached with millimeter precision by means of various path measuring systems such as laser, sensor technology, rotary encoder or the absolute encoder.

    Perfect service for your conveyor technology

    Customized and adapted to your company, the components for your individual material handling system are designed and constructed. Baust’s personal consultation will help you find the optimal conveyor system in the shortest possible time with the guarantee of delivery as agreed. Above all, the custom-fit shuttle car is perfectly integrated into your material flow system so that it interacts with each other as if it were cast from a single mold and the control technology functions without interference. The innovative shuttle car conveyor technology, like other products at Baust, is equally mature and proven, which means that with us you gain an experienced partner for logistics management. Take advantage of the opportunity to implement the shuttle car into your material flow system in addition to the vertical conveyors, turntables, centering stations and benefit from our know-how.