Punching in drywall

Punching machines handle various requirements

The most varied profiles for drywalls are produced with rotary punching machines of the company Baust. For example, CW profiles or plaster angle profiles can be punched at speeds of 150 m/min. Thanks to the use of rotary technology in high-performance punching machines, both new and existing production lines can be optimized.

Their advantage is the capacity gain on the whole line: they produce continuously without stopping at full speed of all line components. The punching tools are designed for the respective profile types or hole images and can be changed easily and quickly.

Rotary dies for drywall profiles T-Series:

  • Plaster boards in aluminium or steel
  • CW Profiles
  • UA Profiles
  • Socket profiles for thermal insulation composites (EIFS)
  • Ceiling Profiles
  • Maximum speed for your production
  • Saves space
  • Low Noise
  • Energy-efficient

Punching technology individually adapted to you

Baust offers you pure single-purpose machines for the production of only one profile type as well as  punching machines, on which several different drywall profiles can be manufactured. The rotary punches can be operated inline a profiler, as well as self-sufficient (roll-roller) between two coilers. Also known as roll punching.

Rotary punching machines in drywall construction – provides innovative punching solutions

Drywall profiles are manufactured with rotary technology made by Baust. Our metal punching machines are used, among other things, for the production of plaster angle profiles, but other areas of application in drywall (ceiling profiles, socket profiles, etc.) are also possible.