The FX-drive offers significantly increased flexibility. The intelligent control allows the programming of different hole distances and calculates the possible line velocity for the hole pattern. The requirement for this application are rotary punching tools that have a sufficiently large distance between the punches (free angles). Roller advantages and material run at continuous speed through the rotary punching unit. The punching unit is accelerated or delayed depending on the program input. The control system transmits a signal to the punching unit when and at what intervals it has to be punched. The distances can be programmed freely via the display.

By intermitting the rotary punch, the flexibility is significantly increased. Production speeds of up to 150 m/min are possible. This procedure is used, for example, in the production of stand profiles or when cutting sections have to be planned.

Highest flexibility in the field of metal punching

Programming hole distances individually: the punching of metal achieves a new dimension with the Rotary Punch FX-drive. The rotary punching technology used by Baust is optimally used and is an asset for many companies in the metal industry.

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