Now punch up to 5 mm material thickness!

AX-Drive Dip & Drop
Punch – Eject

Two successive sets of tools in one punching machine split our usual punching process into two phases = Dip & Drop.

The new 2-phase principle offers users several advantages. The most important advantage is that metals and plastics can now be punched up to 5 mm.

In addition, the principle has a positive effect on the punching forces and accordingly also on the energy consumption. The punching forces can be significantly reduced, which means that less drive power is required and thus the operating costs are reduced.

A positive side effect of the minimized punching forces is that the forces that act on the shafts of the punching machine, are also reduced. Small forces lead to smaller diameters and therefore longer shafts can be used. For our customers this means: punching wider product materials is possible.

Another advantage is the longer service life of the tools. The punch wear is noticeably minimized.

Of course, you can still use the punching unit for the direct punching process with thinner material. This way, our customers remain flexible – one punching unit for two processes.

Technical specifications
  • Width: ca. 1.000 mm
  • Height: ca. 1.000 mm
  • Depth: ca. 800 mm
  • Weight: ca. 1000 kg
  • Drive power: 1 – 3 kW
  • Connected load: 400V / 16A
  • Low noise <65 – 78 db (A) 1 m distance
  • FX-Drive control for variable hole spacing
  • Output signal to control the separation unit
  • Signal lamp

Advantages of the new process:

✔ Material thicknesses up to 5 mm
✔ Improved service life: Due to less punch wear
✔ Wider sheets: Through the use of longer shafts
✔ Set-up time reduction: Through 2 processes in one machine
✔ Energy-saving: Lower punching forces by dividing the punching process into two phases
✔ Disposal of slugs in a production-safe manner: No slug disposal in the dies

We would be happy to provide you with further details on our new punching principle in a non-binding discussion! Let us advise you on all aspects of dip & drop.

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