Pallet inverter PW 600

The easy-to-handle pallet inverter

The pallet changer turns the goods on its head: The PW 600 from Baust applies the so-called inverting method. Therefore, the machine is also known as pallet inverter. Accordingly it offers a simple and inexpensive option when pallets involving robust goods have to be changed within a very restricted space. Pallet inverter for modern technologies.

  • inexpensive pallet change using inverting method
  • ideal for robust goods, particularly bags
  • reliable even with poor quality pallets
  • suitable for many different sized pallets
  • Plug & Play operation
  • loading/unloading via forklift
  • performance: 10 – 20 changes/h
  • dimensions (L x W x H in mm): 2030x3360x2900
  • machine weight: approx. 2300 kg
  • clamping/turning: electrically driven
  • feeding & discharging: forklift or electrical pallet truck
  • control mode: dead man´s system
  • power supply: 4kVA – 16A 400 V
Pallet loading
  • total weight up to 1500 kg
  • pallet dimensions (W x L in mm): 800 – 1000 x 1200
  • height incl. pallet: max. 2000 mm
  • goods: e.g. cartons, bagged goods, big-bags
  • overhang allowed
  • automatic mode with access control
  • goods height > 2000 mm
  • roller guides for 95° procedure
  • other pallet dimensions

Pallet changing with the PW 600

The PW 600 is the ideal choice in locations where the change of pallets has to take place in a very restricted area. The employee places the loaded pallet in the pallet inverter using either a forklift or electrical pallet truck. The goods are then clamped from above and afterwards rotated 180°. Thus the pallet is on top of the goods and can be easily exchanged. The PW 600 then once again rotates the goods to its original position and the loaded target pallet can be removed using a forklift truck. A further possibility would be to rotate the goods by just 95°. This then permits the pallet to be removed and replaced vertically. If the position of the goods is unimportant then working with the pallet inverter can be done even more simply: The new pallet is placed on top of the load before it is rotated. Accordingly the goods then only have to be rotated once. The PW 600 is in particular ideal for the pallet changing of bags.

We recommend the pallet inverter PW 600 for 10 to 20 changes per hour.

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