Pallet changer PW 900 Inline

The premium Inline tilting process

The process and layout of the PW 900 Inline offer several advantages: Thanks to the tilting angle of up to 180°, there are no more problems with cover sheets or slip sheets. Loose sheets can disrupt the automatic exchange process by falling into the machine or conveyors. In addition, the goods do not stand on upside down after the pallet change, as with usual 180° pallet inverters (e.g. PW 600 Inline). The direct integration into the roller conveyor line fundamentally changes the performance, the process efficiency and the footprint. Additional side walls create a secure hold from 4 sides and even allow the handling of unstable loads such as drums, barrels or big bags.

  • Premium Inline solution with tilting method
  • Pass-through layout: maximum performance in tilting pallet changing
  • Full turning up to 180° for all tiltable goods: ideal solution for the slip sheet problem
  • Safe handling of inclined, unstable or flowing loads: triple firm hold through side walls and upper top plate
  • No hydraulic: 100% free of leakages
  • Reliable even with bad pallet quality & for many pallet dimensions
  • Under and over palletised goods can be centered
  • performance: 35 – 45 changes/h
  • control mode: automatic
  • feeding & discharging: forklift/ conveyor system
  • pallet clamp/side walls: pneumatically driven
  • tilting/lifting: electrically driven
  • power supply: 4 kVA – 16A 230/400 V
  • dimensions (L x W x H in mm): 1460x2800x3650
  • machine weight: approx. 4300 kg
Pallet loading
  • total weight up to 1500 kg
  • pallet dimensions: 800-1000×1200 mm
  • max. height incl. pallet: 2000 mm
  • goods: e.g. drums, bagged goods, big-bags
  • overhang allowed
  • side walls for instable loads
  • other pallet dimensions
  • goods height > 2000 mm
  • different centering devices


Pallet changing with the PW 900 Inline

The PW 900 Inline is used where pallets with a slip sheet underneath the load need to be changed safely at high throughputs fully automatically. The loaded source pallet is conveyed into the changer and gripped by the pallet clamp. From above, below and both sides, the walls and loading tables safely enclose the goods. Then pallet and load are tilted by 90 to 180° and only the empty pallet is tilted back to the conveying level and moved out. The new pallet approaches and is swivelled up to the goods. Finally, the new pallet is tipped completely back onto the conveyor. Due to the maximum tilting angle of up to 180°, the slip sheet cannot fall down and cause unnecessary disturbances.

We recommend the pallet changer PW 900 Inline for 35 to 55 changes per hour.

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