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Pallet changing with maximum safety

Pw 800 Sicherheit Security

One of our French customers has to process very different pallet sizes, while at the same time meeting the highest safety standards: These were challenges that the Baust team was able to fulfil thanks to its many years of experience.

The global player specialises in nutritional therapies. The high hygiene requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries therefore apply there. The company also wants to prevent accidents of all kinds within the company. For us, this meant that we had to make our PW 800 pallet changer particularly secure: it is now surrounded by a 2.90 metre high fence with very narrow meshes and is only accessible through a secure and space-saving sliding door. The main switch can be locked. A high-resolution safety light barrier and laser scanner ensure that the machine switches itself off immediately if the danger zone is entered. The pneumatics have also been adapted and upgraded to safety class PL d, among other things. In order to be doubly protected in the event of a power failure, the machine was fitted with additional brakes for the tilting frame. The PW 800 therefore fulfils the customer’s high safety requirements, which far exceed the prescribed standards.

Pw 800 Hoechste SicherheitChanging pallets of different sizes

The PW 800 is completely flexible: it can handle big bags as well as cardboard boxes, drums or bagged goods in the tipping process. It can handle loads of up to 1,500 kg. It changes from wooden to plastic pallets and back again and can handle source pallets with widths between 800 and 1,200 mm.

It can also compensate for various empty pallet heights. The Baust team also took various customer-specific standards and delivery specifications into account when designing this customised pallet changer.

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