Material flow systems

Pallet changer for clean room airlock

A particularly easy-to-clean design in a small space – with the PW 550 pallet changer, the Baust team met all the requirements of a pharmaceutical company in the middle of Germany. This means that pallets can now be changed quickly and cleanly in the hygienic airlock room. The device is operated from outside the airlock.

The changeover from the storage area to the production area is subject to the stringent requirements of cleanroom class D for biotherapeutic drugs. The Baust team therefore designed the PW 550 pallet changer in V4A stainless steel in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. The design was also customised. The pallet changer was given a sheet metal panelling so that all existing cavities are closed and all surfaces are easy to clean. The PW 550 can be disconnected from the power supply to prevent any danger from explosive cleaning vapours. All lubricants are food-safe in accordance with specification H1.

Pallet changing in a small space

The PW 550 pallet changer combines the clamping method of the PW 500 with the length transfer of the PW 3000, thus preventing any cross-contamination. This is because the customer’s stable plastic crates are ideal for the space-saving clamping process. This enabled us to integrate the device into the minimal space available in the airlock. It is secured by the high-speed doors of the airlock room. To transport the pallet changer to the upper floor of the building, our engineers had to deliver it disassembled and assemble it on site. Now the PW 550 reliably changes the pallets for cleanroom production in compliance with all regulations.

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