Material flow systems

Changing and wrapping in one line

Recently, the Baust team completed a challenging project near Geneva. In addition to high demands on the quality, safety and ergonomics of the automated processes, the task was to precisely plan a system into a difficult room layout with several mechanical as well as electrical interfaces. The focus here is on the core processes of pallet changing and wrapping in the logistics of a Swiss pharmaceutical producer.

A pallet changer with a pushing procedure ensures a safe, smooth and fast transfer of loads from plastic to wooden pallets. A clever bypass also allows the exchange to take place vice versa, thus maximising the overall flexibility of the system. Fully automatic magazines unstack and stack the empty pallets before and after the changer to achieve throughputs of up to 60 pallets per hour.

Integrated wrapper saves film and manpower

A high-performance wrapper directly connected to the pallet changer ensures an enormous improvement in the packaging of outbound area. Manual wrapping with a stand-alone turntable is no longer necessary – saving both manpower and stretch film. Up to 50 percent less film consumption and no rework and returns due to faulty manual wrapping speak for themselves as results. An integrated cover film dispenser enables dust-proof wrapping of the load and rounds off the performance of the ring wrapper.

Planning according to individual requirements

All these key components are linked by a well-thought-out and individually planned conveyor line. Pallet loading stations reduce the loading height from half a metre to floor level and allow the use of low-lift pallet trucks. Barcode scanners read the labels and automatically recognise which mode needs to be carried out. This means, for example, that pass-through is also possible without changing and wrapping.

Of course, the Baust engineers have also taken the customer’s high safety requirements into account. For example, a special key system is installed in the access doors, which is otherwise only used in wild cat cages in the zoo.

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