The KRS series offers many advantages for users in the plastic industry. Rotary punching technology works more quietly and energy-efficient than conventional hydraulic or pneumatic punching units. Control and electronics are integrated into the aluminum base in a space-saving manner. Thanks to this design, the rotary punch can be integrated into an existing production line without much effort and space requirements.

The rotary punching machine is installed in front of the separating unit. A measuring wheel takes up the channel speed and the rotary punch works synchronously to the line speed. Tool and thus product change can be carried out safely within a few minutes. Plastic materials up to 3 mm material thickness can be processed significantly more efficiently with the construction of Rotary punches.

  • Width: 1000 mm
  • Height: 1800 mm
  • Depth: 1000 mm
  • Weight: 350 kg
  • Production speed: continuously up to 50 m / min
  • Drive power: 1 – 3 kW
  • Connected load: 400V / 16A
  • low noise <65-78 db (A) – 1 m distance
  • FX-Drive control for variable hole distances
  • Output signal for controlling the separation unit
  • Fault light

KRS Extra features

KRS punching offers further possibilities for critical applications:

FX-drive for variable, preprogrammable hole spacing. The servo motor with powerful control punches hole sequences into pre-programmed hole distances. Depending on the product or the desired hole images, the individual sequences can be put in “recipes” and easily retrieved from the operating terminal.

Hole detection and evaluation using digital image processing. A special image processing sensor, light source and evaluation software determine the respective hole and hole position at 100% and compare them with a reference image. If a threshold value is exceeded, the system generates a warning or holding signal. A 100% result is therefore safe.

Rotary punches of the KRS Series

You can also use the modern roll punches of the KRS series and optimize your production processes many times over. Punching machines from Baust are among the most efficient of their type in the plastic industry. They save space and energy and have high production speed.

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