Efficient moving of pallets without lift trucks – The innovative solutions from Baust

At Baust, we offer innovative solutions for efficiently moving pallets without lift trucks. With complete systems for material flow in the form of palletizing systems and automation, you can move heavy pallets without lift trucks.

Our solutions are optimally tailored to the requirements of your production and enable a smooth logistics process. By using the latest technology, you can save time and money while increasing the efficiency of your production.

Discover now the wide range of possibilities Baust offers you for moving pallets without lift trucks.

Complete systems for the material flow

Planning for automation and conveyor technology for your palletizing system

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The future of pallet movement – pallet pushing device to transport heavy pallets without lifting cradles

The future of pallet movement not only looks promising but is already here thanks to innovative technologies such as the Pallet Slider.

With this device it is possible to transport heavy pallets without the use of lift trucks. This is a huge relief for companies that need to move large quantities of pallets on a daily basis. Our pallet pushing device is fully automated and precisely adapted to the application.

It is robust and durable, so it can be used in demanding work environments.
In short, our pallet pushing device is an investment in the future of your company’s logistics and an essential tool for moving heavy pallets automatically without a pallet truck.

Increasing efficiency in logistics through automatic pallet movement without lift trucks

Increasing efficiency in logistics is an important factor in optimizing costs and mastering competition in the industry. One way to improve processes is through automated pallet movement without lift trucks.

Our innovative system makes it possible to move and transport heavy pallets without additional equipment. This saves time and money by eliminating the need for employees to move heavy loads from A to B. Our automated pallet systems are precise and safe to operate to prevent injuries and increase efficiency.

Companies that invest in automated pallet movement can optimize their logistics processes and become more competitive.
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