High quality pallet wrappers and pallet wrapping machines from Baust

Wrapping pallets made easy

At Baust you will find advanced pallet wrappers and pallet wrapping machine. A pallet wrapper allows you to securely wrap pallets in no time. To wrap a pallet securely, so-called stretch film is usually wrapped tightly around it. Since this process can be very tedious and time-consuming by hand, it is worth getting a pallet wrapper. We offer pallet wrappers with the following wrapping programs:

  • Upward wrapping
  • Cross wrapping
  • Cross wrapping with cover sheet function
  • Manual wrapping

This allows the processes in your warehouse to run more smoothly and quickly, while at the same time relieving your team. Especially in large warehouses, where a lot of pallets need to be securely wrapped every day, a pallet wrapper pays off big time. The faster pallets are packed, the faster they are ready for use and transport. Fast process flows in logistics are very important, as they help determine profit and customer satisfaction, among other things.

  • Total weight up to 1500 kg
  • Standard pallet (W x L in mm): 800 – 1000 x 1200
  • Max. Height incl. pallet: 2000 mm
  • Overload tolerance per side: 50 mm
  • Goods: e.g. cardboard boxes, barrels, crates or bottles

Other options

  • Other pallet dimensions and heights
  • Automatic pallet magazines
  • Complete systems with automatic wrapping

Pallet wrappers – state-of-the-art technology enables safe packaging

Since goods often have to be transported over long distances, it is very important to pack them safely. If you as a company ship goods on pallets, you are responsible for their safety. In order to prevent dangers and damage to goods, stretch film is used in most cases for securing. This is a film which is very tear-resistant despite its high elasticity. This film is placed around a pallet packed with goods.

Each pallet is rolled up with several layers of film, so that these layers stick together and thus hold tightly to the goods. In addition, the strong stretching creates strong forces, which also ensure that the goods cannot slip. The film stretched around the pallet tries to return to its original shape, which results in a strong inward force that holds everything firmly together.

To wrap goods quickly and safely with stretch film, a pallet wrapper is perfect. This automatically provides the necessary rotation and turns the pallet into the film, so to speak.

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    Complete systems for the material flow

    Planning for automation and conveyor technology for your palletizing system

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    Packing pallets with a pallet wrapper is child’s play and error-free

    Pallets can be transported in different ways. The most common means of transport include truck, train and ship. With all options, there are inevitably movements of these means of transport and thus of the pallets at the same time. In order to nevertheless transport the goods safely to their place of delivery, they must be packed without defects.

    Pallet wrapping machines make it possible to secure pallets mechanically. This form of load securing is particularly advantageous, as errors can be reduced to a minimum or avoided. A pallet wrapper is perfectly designed to wrap pallets with stretch film. Buy a pallet wrapper now – we at Baust will be happy to advise you. A company that has to wrap more than 10 pallets per day should not do without a pallet wrapper or a pallet wrapping machine. Pallet wrappers make it possible to optimize processes and save time. In addition, the use of pallet wrappers protects the health of your employees, which strongly influences their performance. Use one or more pallet wrappers for yourself and your company!

    First class pallet wrappers and pallet wrapping machines at fair prices

    If you are interested in a pallet wrapper or a pallet wrapping machine, you are at the right address. Please feel free to contact us and let us advise you professionally. Our wide range of products, as well as the expertise of our employees make it possible to choose the right pallet wrapper for every application. We are also able to respond to individual wishes and requirements in order to develop the optimal pallet wrapper for you. Do not hesitate and contact us promptly. With us you receive top goods at fair prices!

    If you want to optimize the processes in your company’s warehouse and work more effectively and efficiently, Baust is the right partner for you. We offer efficient solutions in all process areas of a warehouse. Among other things, the pallet wrapping machine is one of the most popular machines in our range. It is an innovative machine, which is nevertheless uncomplicated and can be used without long training. Integrate a pallet wrapper into the processes of your warehouse and let us convince you of its advantages!

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    If you accept this, you can count on a very fast and professional implementation. For example, if you decide to purchase a pallet wrapper from us, you will be able to integrate it into your daily routine as soon as possible. Of course, we will explain to you exactly how the machine works and is used, so that nothing stands in the way of an increase in efficiency in your warehouse. We are your pallet wrapper manufacturer since 1958! Ask us for a non-binding offer.

    On our website you can easily contact us via the contact form and request a consultation. Of course, we are also available by phone and email during our opening hours at any time. We will be happy to advise you on the subject of pallet wrappers and, of course, offer other advanced solutions. With our help you can improve your warehouse processes sustainably!