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60 years of Baust – Anniversary trip

The Baust group of companies has been your partner for demanding material flow systems and complex material handling since 1958. A fact worthy of a big celebration.

The difficult post-war years had just ended when Franz Josef and Tillmann Baust went set up their own company. It quickly developed from a specialist manufacturer of rollers and cylinders to a provider of integrated materials handling systems and has continued to grow and further specialize ever since. In 2002 the company was restructured to create a group of four independent companies. Today Baust, a family-owned group, is managed by Franz Baust, a member of the second generation.

To mark Baust’s 60th anniversary the company’s management invited all the employees to join them on a trip to Cologne. The journey there, by ship from Monheim, was already the first highlight of the day and was followed by others, such as a variety show performance and a lavish meal above the rooftops of Cologne. Baust’s employees will remember this day for a long time – and the good working atmosphere is a guarantee that we will always be able to find the right solution for every customer wish.