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Our new representation in France

The Baust pallet changers fulfil many special requirements and requests. Each of our products has its strengths and fields of application for which it is particularly well suited. Therefore, our representative must know all our models well. That is the only way they can offer customers the best-suited pallet changer in each case. We often travel ourselves to the various countries, Europe, the Americas and Asia, to explain our products.

We now have our own representative in France with technical experts, who also speak German and English in addition to their mother tongue, French. Our partner Serpac contributes a great deal of experience with logistics and packaging. We showed our different pallet changers to our French colleagues at the Baust Materialflusssysteme company headquarters, and explained to them how they can be integrated in logistics systems.

We are delighted to have found a competent partner with Serpac. Have fun with the high-quality Baust products and good business in France.