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Fully-automatic 1000 square metre system

The new customer was sceptical: Won’t our pallet changers squeeze their sensitive products too much? Is it also possible to change pallets with high stacks without any problems? The customer tested our pallet changer extensively with various products. We were able to completely convince the customer 😉 Ultimately, the supplier for car manufacturers immediately ordered two PW 6000 pallet changers with the pushing method.

Our challenge in this was that 120 pallets were to be changed per hour in an extensive material flow system. Now, all products are identified automatically based on their labels and sent in the right direction. Pallet magazines are also part of the large, approximate 1000 square metre, fully-automatic system as well as labellers and strapping machines. 100 conveyors ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Our engineers had to plan every detail of this large system exactly, so that the different components communicate with each other perfectly and work according to the exact procedure. Thank you for your tremendous commitment! The new pallet changer system now easily changes 120 times per hour from  high-quality in-house pallets to lower-cost shipping pallets. The customer is delighted to get all the services from a single source and be able to discuss all the details with a fixed contact person. The factory acceptance has already taken place on our premises. Now, our technicians and engineers are assembling the system at the customer’s site and connecting it to its warehouse system.