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Praise from our customer

Music to our ears – our customer Stabilus made an extremely positive mention of us in its employee newspaper. It goes without saying that we are always pleased to hear that our customers are satisfied with our products! That’s the motivation for us to give our best.
“As we all know, the devil is in the detail. For quality assurance and industrial hygiene reasons only plastic pallets can be used in pneumatic spring assembly areas. Obviously, splinters in production machinery or operators’ skin are not something you want. The catch? The small load carriers (SLC) with components which are required for production must be transferred from wooden euro pallets onto plastic pallets. By hand. And this applies to 640 of the approximately 2000 SLC’s which are in use each day. A significant physical burden for the employees concerned.

This was not a satisfactory solution from either a logistics or an ergonomics point of view. Thanks to extensive project work it is, however, now a thing of the past. Experienced logistics specialist Martina Baumann and her team discovered a solution offered by a well-known provider of materials handling systems which they then investigated in more detail. SLC’s are now transferred from wooden to plastic pallets without any physical effort being required. The new solution involves a loaded wooden pallet and then an empty plastic one being inserted into the system, which pushes the load from the first onto the second pallet, thus completing the transfer. No-one has to bend down and move the containers, which can weigh up to 15 kg, by hand anymore.

A number of test runs had to be carried out on the premises of the supplier, Baust & Co., in the Rhineland region before the solution could be implemented. Winfried Roth reports that they all went smoothly, even those which were carried out under difficult conditions such as varying types of SLC and weights or with a second material number. The warehousing specialist was highly impressed by the supplier’s professional attitude and cooperation, as was project manager Martina Baumann. They were both assisted by Jennifer Gödtel-Dragon from Procurement.”