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Help for Brazilian children

Instead of distributing gifts to our customers, we support the Girassol project for needy children in Brazil. We wish you all a Merry Christmas!

In a poor district of São Paulo, the private initiative Girassol runs a kindergarten and a vocational training centre. Children from disadvantaged families, often from single mothers, receive age-appropriate education and support. Even after moving to elementary school, children can do their homework and enjoy a healthy lunch at Girassol. At the vocational training centre, young people can choose between six occupations. Like this, they take an important step into a non-violent, positive future.

We are happy to support this project because we think it is important to give these children the chance of a liveable life beyond violence and crime. Moreover, we know that 100 percent of our donations to Girassol reach the needy in São Paulo. The German Förderverein works completely on a voluntary basis. The educators, psychologists, and trainers in Brazil, however, have to be paid, as well as the food for the often-destitute children. We are happy to contribute a little bit to a liveable society.