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Summer party at the lake


Lake, grill station, good weather – this year’s summer party at the water ski facility in Langenfeld was a complete success. This time we not only celebrated the excellent performance of our team, but also that Baust was awarded as one of the most innovative companies in Germany in the TOP100 innovation competition. So that we could cheerfully toast to it despite the distance rules, we chose the idyllic place at the lake. There was plenty of space for everyone and a little breeze to atomize aerosols quickly.

We had a good time at the covered grill station directly on the lake shore. The weather was great for swimming and we enjoyed the nice change between cozy chatting in the afternoon sun and cool refreshment in the lake. Some brave colleagues also dared to go water skiing. The others cheered and gave style notes. Anyone who got hungry could find plenty of goodies at the buffet. So everyone had a lot of fun. And the grounds of the facility are so large that everyone really has their own barbecue area.

A perfect location, especially in the current situation!