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Pallet changer for freezer warehouse

For a customer in Scandinavia, we delivered an automated pallet changer that meets the special requirements of a freezing environment.

Temperatures below freezing point place high demands on the technology: drives, sensors and electrical control must function reliably even at temperatures as low as – 28 °C. A customer in Scandinavia needed a pallet changer that could be integrated into his logistics system in the freezer warehouse and could automatically re-palletize all goods.

The deep-freeze version of the PW 800 Inline pallet changer with tilting process was used for this purpose. Since pneumatic systems are not able to run well in these low temperatures, the palletizer is now driven completely electrically. The engineers focused on robust technology that guarantees a trouble-free process.

However, on-site assembly also required precise planning: the technicians were only allowed to stay in the cold hall for a limited time. This was another important reason to commission the machine almost completely at our site in Langenfeld. Then the pallet tilter was shipped to Scandinavia and there it was brought into the cold hall with heavy equipment within a very short time. Our team then separated the working time in the deep-freeze area into short sections so that the engineers could warm up again. Another exciting experience! In addition, the assembly had to be divided into two sections due to corona regulations. But now the automated pallet changer runs reliably and to the great satisfaction of our customer.