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New American cooperation with the US company PHS


Our pallet changers and inverters are in demand in the USA. Because there are only few models as diverse and powerful as ours. So far we have always handled sales and installation from the head office. However, some potential customers are hesitant because they are concerned about the service. If one of our engineers has to fly to America every time, installation, service and on-site advice quickly become expensive. Now we have found an excellent solution: We are working with the US company Premier Handling Solutions (PHS).

So far, PHS has tended to sell smaller pallet changing systems. Our high-performance machines for fully automatic inline systems are a good addition to their portfolio. But above all, PHS can take over the installation and service on site. In sales, too, we are there faster for advice, even if online meetings are becoming more and more popular. PHS technicians have a lot of experience with pallet changers. They can then clarify specific questions in close cooperation with our specialists here in Langenfeld. A real win-win situation for both sides!

Due to the many pharmaceutical and food companies, the USA is an interesting sales market for us. Our pallet changers are also ideally suited for the American market. There, other pallet formats are common than in Europe. In addition, Americans often work with slip sheets instead of pallets. But our pallet changers also handle this well and enable a simple and quick change from slip sheet to pallet and vice versa.