Punching technology

Punching of PVC special profiles with the KRV 160

Our customer Döllken Profiles, a manufacturer of technical profiles, was looking for an innovative process to punch extruded profiles in serial production.

Requirements of the customer:

  • Punching a special profile with arrow geometry without deforming it
  • Short changeover times for different punching patterns
  • Production speed: 25 m / min
  • Space-saving integration into the production line

Benefits of the KRV 160:

  • Plastic material thicknesses up to 4 mm can be punched
  • Punches, dies and material guiding are individually adapted to the product
  • Quick and easy tool change
  • Quick-change system for the material guiding
  • Opened punching tools during product calibration
  • Easy integration into existing production lines
  • Low space requirement

The KRV 160 is set up between the caterpillar take-off and the cutting unit. The production speed is recorded by a measuring wheel positioned in front of the caterpillar take-off and is continuously adjustable.

For the best possible punching result, the tools and the material guiding are adapted to the contour of the PVC profile. Thanks to the rubber scraper mounted on the punch ring, the profile is not deformed during punching.

Tool change and product calibration made easy: The automatic opening mechanism of the tools allows the profiles to be inserted easily and safely. A tool change is done in a few minutes. The punching tools can also be opened during production.

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