What is a so-called cleanroom pallet?

A cleanroom pallet is a special pallet used in space-constrained production environments.

Unlike conventional pallets, it has a completely smooth surface on which no dirt particles or bacteria can adhere. This makes it easy to clean and meets the highest hygiene requirements. The cleanroom pallet is also used in high-bay racks because it is particularly stable and robust. If you need even more load-bearing capacity, you can choose an optional tubular steel reinforcement. A cleanroom pallet is thus the ideal choice for anyone who has the highest demands on the cleanliness and safety of their production processes.

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The advantages of a clean room pallet

When it comes to transporting food, cleanliness is essential. A cleanroom pallet can help protect the goods from contamination. The closed deck makes the pallet particularly hygienic and protects the product from dirty floors or other environmental influences. The virgin material used is food safe and approved for food transport. Safety and hygiene are particularly important in the food industry and a cleanroom pallet can help meet these requirements.

They are also extremely resistant to heat and cold – yet cleanroom pallets are still very robust, yet easy to transport. This makes them the perfect choice for storing goods on high shelves. With tubular steel reinforcement inside, it is able to withstand static loads of up to 4,500 kg. A cleanroom pallet with a closed deck can also withstand a load of up to 1,500 kg in high-bay racking. So if you are looking for a safe and non-slip way to transport and store goods, a closed deck cleanroom pallet with safety edge is definitely the perfect choice for you.

The general dimensions of cleanroom pallets

Cleanroom pallets are an important part of modern industry. They are used to protect sensitive and high value products during transportation or storage. The general dimensions of cleanroom pallets vary depending on their intended use and requirements. However, there are standards that are followed by many companies and industries. The most common sizes are 120 x 80 cm and 120 x 100 cm. Cleanroom pallets are usually made of plastic or stainless steel and must be of the highest quality to meet the stringent hygiene requirements in the cleanroom. With the right dimensions and materials, cleanroom pallets can help ensure that your products are stored and transported safely and cleanly.

Cleanroom pallets are an important part of the modern production process and can help ensure that goods are stored and transported safely and hygienically. With the right dimensions, materials and reinforcements, a cleanroom pallet can be a great asset to many businesses. Whether you need them to transport food or for high-bay warehouses, they are designed to meet the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

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