What is a CP1 pallet?

The CP1 range is an important part of the chemical industry and is specially treated to meet international standards.

This chemical pallet is often used for the safe transport of products, liquids and containers. The CP1 pallet meets all requirements of the IPPC / ISPM 15 standard and ensures that all products are transported in optimal conditions. Although this term may not be widely known, the CP1 pallet plays a significant role in the efficient and safe delivery of chemicals and other products in industry. The CP1 pallet has established itself as an efficient means of transporting goods, as it is stackable and saves space on trucks and in warehouses.

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CP1 Pallet Dimensions & Weight

If you are thinking about scheduling a delivery or ordering a CP1 pallet, you may be wondering how much it weighs. A CP1 pallet has a standard specification of 120cm x 100cm x 16cm and can weigh up to 20kg. It is important to know how much your pallet weighs as this can have an impact on transportation and possible additional costs. So knowing the exact weight of your pallet can help you get the best price for your shipment.

The CP1 pallet is also designed to be wear-resistant, making it suitable for long-term use. It is also treated with special chemicals that prevent the growth of harmful organisms such as fungi and bacteria. This helps protect both products and people from potential health risks.

How many CP1 pallets can fit on a truck?

There are many factors that determine how many CP1 pallets can fit on a truck. For example, it depends on the size and load capacity of the truck, as well as the size and weight of the pallets.

Normally between 22 and 26 CP1 pallets fit on a truck, but it always depends on the exact circumstances. It is always important that the truck is not overloaded and that the pallets are stowed safely and stably to avoid accidents. So, if you are planning to transport a large amount of CP1 pallets, you should always make sure that you hire a professional and reliable truck driver.

In summary, the CP1 pallet is an important part of the chemical industry due to its durability and ability to meet international standards. Its stackability and space-saving design make it ideal for transporting goods in warehouses and on trucks. In addition, its treatment with special chemicals prevents the growth of dangerous organisms and ensures that all products are safe during transportation. With its superior performance, the CP1 pallet has become a reliable means of transporting goods in the chemical industry.

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