Dusseldorf pallet – what do we mean by this?

The Düsseldorf pallet is a term that is frequently used, especially in the logistics and mail order business.

But what is behind it? It is a special half pallet, which has a size of 800 X 600 mm and is therefore exactly half the size of a Euro pallet.

A special feature of the Düsseldorf pallet is that it is often made of wood, but also of plastic. Due to its size, the Düsseldorf half pallet is particularly well suited as a means of transport for smaller goods and is therefore used in many industries. Although it is often seen as a variant of the Euro pallet, there are still some differences between the two pallets. For example, the Düsseldorf pallet is not stackable and cannot be transported by forklift technology like the Euro pallet.

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Dusseldorf pallet dimensions

The Düsseldorf pallet has a size of 800 X 600 mm, the ISO MODULE 200 X 300 mm, and is therefore a little smaller than the European standard pallets. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for transporting smaller products such as electronic components or bottles. So, if you plan to ship or transport goods, you should definitely consider the dimensions of the Düsseldorf pallet.

Düsseldorfer pallet price – this is the cost of a Düsseldorfer half pallet

The prices for a Düsseldorfer pallet can vary greatly depending on the supplier and the region, but in general you can expect a cost between 10 and 20 euros per piece.

But investing in high-quality Düsseldorfer half pallets is worth it, because they can be reused for several years and thus contribute to sustainability. So it is important to find out about the different offers and choose the best option for your own company.

The advantages of using a Düsseldorfer pallet

There are several advantages to using the Düsseldorfer half pallet. First, it is much lighter than a Euro pallet and can therefore be transported with much less effort. Secondly, it is also more space-saving and therefore ideal for transporting smaller products. In addition, a Düsseldorfer half pallet requires less space in warehouses than a whole Euro pallet. Finally, because the Düsseldorfer pallet is made of wood or plastic, it can be easily recycled and reused multiple times.

Overall, the Düsseldorfer pallet offers many advantages for anyone who needs to transport smaller products.

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