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BRS 245: precise and variable

The fourth rotary punch has now been delivered and put into operation for a global corporate group in the metal processing industry.

Requirements of the customer:

  • With a production speed of 60 m/min, continuous strips were to be punched variably from the coil up to a material thickness of 3.0 mm.
  • Fast product change via modular punch inserts.
  • Integration of the BRS 245 rotary punch in an existing production line between the decoiler and profiling machine.

Benefits of the BRS 245:

  • Variable hole pattern through the Baust FX drive controller
  • Short setup times through exchangeable plug-in units
  • Low punching forces through the rotary punching process
  • Energy savings through reduced punching forces
  • Considerably lower noise emission than with a conventional flatbed punch

To achieve the required precision, all units of the rotary punch were equipped with their own drive and synchronised to each other electronically. A modular construction of the cylinder drawing unit, punching plug-in unit and cylinder discharge guarantee the reliable and exact transport of the material – with different material widths and material thicknesses. A measuring wheel records the product speed and ensures that the rotary punch works exactly synchronously with the line speed.