Material flow systems

High-speed palletising and depalletising


As practical as pallets are – sometimes transport without pallets is more economical. Especially for long-distance palletless shipping in containers saves volume and thus costs. At the same time, the pallets can be used elsewhere on site. Baust, an expert in robust and high-quality pallet changing systems for 30 years, has designed a new product group for palletising and depalletising with the high-performance pushing process due to the high demand. This means that the complete load as a stack is now automatically pushed onto or off a pallet.

High-performance process for effective intralogistics

In addition to the proven pushing method, we also offer palletising systems based on the clamping or pulling method. Apart from saving costs, palletless handling of loads avoids problems caused by wooden pallets, such as dirt, repair or malfunctions. Our palletisers and depalletisers are up to five times faster than other palletising systems such as robot palletisers, gantry palletisers or layer palletisers due to their exceptional handling. That is why Baust palletising and depalletising systems are used wherever high throughputs are required in the food, pharmaceutical, logistics, cosmetics and chemical industries.

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