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KRS 120: compact – fast – quiet

We further developed the KRS 120 rotary punches for a leading manufacturer of plastic products.

Requirements of the customer:

  • The punch was to be constructed in a space-saving way and to lower energy costs.
  • Short setup times for a product change.
  • The noise emission was to be minimised.

Benefits of the KRS 120:

  • Fast change of the tools and product guides via a quick-change system
  • Low punching forces through the rotary punching process
  • Energy savings through reduced punching forces
  • Considerably lower noise emission than with a conventional flatbed punch

The caterpillar haul-off pushes the extruded plastic strands in the double-strand uniformly into the rotary punch. A measuring wheel records the product speed and ensures that the rotary punch works exactly synchronously with the line speed. Production speeds of 40 m/min and more can be easily achieved with the KRS 120. The control unit and electronics are integrated in an aluminium base frame in a space-saving way.