In February, Baust used the opportunity to meet and inform their friends and customers from Turkey and neighboring countries in the region about rotary punching technology.

Baust goes to Istanbul: Baust will proudly present the new rotary punch BRV 735 at the WIN EURASIA Metal Working show (11. – 14.02.2016) in Istanbul.

[Translate to EN:] Der Palettenwechsler PW 800 E von Baust

Pallet changing via tilting method can be that efficient and quiet: The Baust pallet changer PW 800 E uses an electric drive instead of a hydraulic motor.

The Baust pallet changer PW 1000

The PW 1000 is the basic pushing method pallet changer. The cost-efficient Baust entry-level model has become a bestseller.

For Baust, the exposition WIN EURASIA Metal Working in Istanbul was a huge success. Especially the punch unit BRC impressed the trade audience.

Now with roller shutters: PW 5000 and PW 6000

Innovative, space saving solution for Baust pallet changers The PW 5000 and the PW 6000 are the most powerful Baust pallet changers. With up to 60 changes per hour they still have all advantages the gentle pushing method has to...

The Baust pallet changer PW 550

New fields of application for the clamping method The pallet changer PW 500 uses a simple clamping method to repalletise robust boxes and cardboard containers. Without inverting or tilting the goods the pallet is changed via...

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